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Fed up with dark rooms?

Brighten up your rooms with a Solarspot® Tubular Skylight. No other system is as efficient or gives you more daylight.

VEGALUX 99.7% reflective tubing. No other system is as efficient or gives you more daylight

Sun Tunnel Shop

Solarspot® tubular skylight systems lead the world of light pipes, with unrivalled technology and performance. Sun Tunnel Shop install Solarspot® tubular skylights and sun tunnels throughtout Essex, London and Kent.

Delivering significantly more light than any other light pipe, no other system comes close to Solarspot® for quality and value. A Solarspot® tubular daylighting system is the perfect way to fill your home with beautiful, natural daylight. So if your fed up with dark, dull rooms and want to let the light flood your home or office, call today for more information.

Tubular Skylights

  • RIRtm Light Funnel uses prism technology to capture and direct daylight
  • 10 year warranty on product as well as installation
  • Convas control ensures against condensation and increasing thermal efficiency
  • VEGALUX 99.7% reflective tubing. No other system is as efficient or gives you more daylight
  • Solarspot® flashings are designed to fit with every roof type
  • Bathroom ventilation, electrical lights and dimmers as optional extras

Sun Tunnel Shop are specialist installers of Solarspot® Tubular Skylight Systems

We install tubular skylights throughout Essex, London, Kent as well as Upminster, Colchester, Chelmsford, Brentwood, Romford, Hornchurch, Dagenham, Grays, and Chigwell.

Solarspot® Tubular Skylight systems come in a range of sizes.

The D-25(250mm diameter) and D-38 (375mm diameter) are the most talked about.

The smaller D-25 is designed to light up spaces up to 15sqm making it ideal for bathrooms, en suites, hallways and landings. The larger D-38 lights areas up to 25sqm and is perfect for lounges, kitchens, studies and workshops.

Sun Tunnel Shop are specialist suppliers and installers of Solarspot® Tubular Skylights, check out install gallery below for examples of our work.

Sun Tunnel Shop Install Gallery

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